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Sorry to hear you are selling it. Was just admiring your pics last week. Thats got to be a tough call to make but I guess you have to do it when it comes to family and homes. Hope all goes well for you.

Good luck with your sale Sal. Hope everything works out for you. I would've bought this bought from you without hesitation a few months back. :(

I'm sending the link to some friends of mine. Your boat is a great deal.
Sorry that you have to sell her. :cry:
Even the fishnet? Wow...I hope you and your Admiral didn't have a falling out, and you got such a raw deal that the fishing gear has to go also. :( :( :(

I think I'd slit my wrists before I gave up fishing.
Wow, the only thing missing is the fish... Talk about a complete package.

Good luck with the sale.
Thanks Kevin.

My sons were very disappointed when I had made the decision to sell because of a personal illness, and less usage. We will keep her and use her when we can, and hopefully down the road even more....