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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
My Airman Tranducer no longer gives me the correct water temp, called wher e I go it and was refered to airman will call airman tommorow, it is only about 5 months old, jsut notice two days ago while out hoop netting, it was telling me the water temp was 117F, I wish :) anybody else have a problem like this ?
My Airmar tilted element has worked perfect for about 14 months. Solved several problems my transom mount had ie reading at speed.

117*F ? Maybe it's the California Global Warming we keep hearing about.

While it's possible that the Airmar 'ducer is giving a bad reading, it's equally possible that the sounder is interperting the signal incorrectly.

Do you know someone with the same sounder you are using, that you could swap and see?

My first thought was that the sounder was set for centagrade, but at 117, the water around you would be boiling. :shock: :D