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Feb 25, 2006
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Rowayton, CT
The 1991 25 MVSC I just bought has no place to stow the anchor. The guy who had it before me put chocks on the bow deck (boat pain just waiting to happen...) and mounted a dinky little Danforth.

I'm planning on installing a weather-tight access hatch (Bomar or Temptress) that can handle the 14lb Delta I have. I was thinking of going the bow-pulpit route, and got some good info from this site, but in the end decided to maintain the appearance of the boat.

Just wondering whether anybody has done a hatch project like the one I'm thinking of.

I have another idea for you ... a rail mounted anchor holder. Will post pictures later, at night school tonight ...
I installed a 24"x14" Bomar hatch in the bow deck of my 1996 2520. It gave me plenty of access into the anchor locker.

Here's an option to hold a fluke style anchor up on the bow. BTW, that's a Danforth deep-set hi-tensile anchor (forget which) and though she looks small, she's rated for a 32' boat! With 10' of chain she sticks like glue, have never had to set her twice.

Windline makes those anchor mounts. Just be very careful raising your anchor. Take a look at the "Abused Parker" post in the general forum ... many dings on the std bow if you don't keep the anchor away from the hull when raising.


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That's a good solution. I use a Delta Quick Set because I've found it holds better on the rocky bottom we have here in Western LI Sound. I've "donated" at least five or six Danforths to Davey Jones since we moved down here from Marblehead 8 years ago...almost one a season :shock: Since I swtiched to the Delta I've never had a problem. Unfortunately, I won't be able to use the rail-mount with that style. So...out comes the RotoZip and the jigsaw.

I'll post some pics once I figure out how...