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Apr 18, 2006
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san diego, ca.
Hi everyone. I own a Parker 1801 that I bought in Feb. 05. From the little I've read here it looks like you all have the bigger models. I was looking for an economical boat that I could fish both in the bays and offshore. I have found it in the Parker 1801. It's small enough to hoop net lobsters in the bay and I have fished for Albacore 50 miles offshore with no worries.
Hope to be able to contribute thoughts and information on this board as time goes on.
Hello, i'm Warren j from Fontana Ca. I have a 21se I just picked up. Good pick on the 1801, whichever Parker you own you have to pick your days to be on the safe side. I cant wait for the tuna to come up from Mexico. Where are the yellowtail at the coronados, there due? :D :D