Anyone else get a VSC each year?

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Feb 16, 2006
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Lewes, DE
I just completed my annual Coast Guard Vessel Safety Check (VSC) this evening, and I was wondering how many other ClassicParker members do this each year?

I have a local USCG Aux member who has done my boats for the past 3 seasons, and by now she knows that I know the drill, and have all my gear ready and laid out for inspection when she arrives.

After being inspected, you get a carbon copy of the original form, and a sticker that you put on your port side windshield which tells CG (and DNR) vessels that you have been inspected, and have passed. :wink:

For anyone who would like an inspection, the VSC web site allows you to search for an examiner near you. Check it out!
I get both of my boats checked each year. Didn't get the little woodie checked last year though, cause she is stripped and upside down on the trailer getting some work done to the keel.