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Feb 20, 2006
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Philadelphia, PA
Who is planning on going to the AC show? I will be there on Friday during the afternoon. That is my day to walk around by myself. I will probably go back either Saturday night or Sunday with my kids. If anyone is going to be there during those times chime in, maybe we can meet.

I just got back from the AC show.Opening day,it was nice not too crowded.I also picked up a couple of items for my boat.I got an ICOM 302,which is last year's model,but they were blowing them out @83 bucks @ the boaters world booth.Also picked up a nice little rack for my knives,cutters etc for 12 bucks which I intend to mount on the transom piece which goes across the 2120.
Last year I upgraded the gps an fishfinder on my old boat.I flush mounted a Garmin 320C.I loved that unit,never gave me a problem all season,and thought it marked extremly well.They changed it to the 340C now,it did not look as good as my 320.I could have picked one up @ 400 bucks,but after looking at the furuno 620,I'm going to wait. :wink:
Never made it down yesterday. Got wrapped up at work and then a chore that lasted too long. I'll try later today.
I went last night (Fri)..the place was not crowded at all, it was great. The 28 was in one word....SWEEEEEEEEEET! God, I loved it! I could not figure out if the extra 3' was in the cockpit or the pilothouse, or a combo of both. Tough to tell because my 2520 has the cut transom, maybe the bracket mount gives the feel of an even larger cockpit. I like the idea of not having to step down into the pilothouse, took a look at the new fuel tank vent cover which looks like a piece of starboard to me. The Parker logo on the pilothouse was new with a "raised" profile, looked "spongie" but I touched it and it's solid. Also, the pilothouse, sliding cabin windows are larger, (from top to bottom) giving even better visibility.
$112,000 +- which is alot, I know, but compared to some of the other rigs I saw :shock: :shock: