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Feb 23, 2006
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Tampa, FL
My Simrad AP14 auto pilot is not working properly. According to the Course Computer the source of the problem is "Invalid rudder feedback reading from SLF12. I inspected the SLF12, but there doesn't seem to be much to it. Thanks in advance for any advice on what I should be looking at regarding the SLF12 :(
The boat is a 2002 2320 with a 225 Yamaha, Hydraulic Steering. Any chance someone else has experienced this? Budget restraints require a low cost fix, or I'll be without the auto pilot for a while. If this is not a DIY type issue can anyone reccomend a repair shop in the Tampa bay area?
I realize it has been a while since the original post but I have/am having the same issue. The Linear feedback units are not designed well at all, water gets in there and just destroys them. I amlucky to get a season of use out of them. I had one replaced under warranty but now they are about 300.00 and am not sure I wnat to spend that unles there is a better solution, has anyone had any better luck with them?

I thought about upgrading to the model without the feedback unit but that was too much $$$. I ordered the rudder feedback unit from Simrad and installed it myself - very easy. I talked to a few people about the problem you describe and the only advice I got was to put a drip loop in the cable where it goes into the rudder feedback unit. I did that and also put a little silicone at that spot. Don't know if it helped but it is still working.
I have the same AP for 9 years now. Went thru 1 rudder feedback and 2 AP pumps just from usage. I smear OMC blue grease on the stainless rod when it is extented from the tube. When it goes back into the tube it clogs the tube end and inhibits water intrusion. The current feedback has been working for 6+ years.