Bimini Top for 2320 SL F250 cockpit

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Do you want something suitable for use while running, or something for use when anchored?
I have a Taylor Made 'AnchorShade' that I use while stationary. Not bad, and completely removable too.
I bought mine at a local boating supply store, but if you google Taylor Made AnchorShade, you should find lots of places to buy online.

Here is an example...

The anchorshade looks like a giant square umbrella with 4 nylon straps at each corner.
I attach the straps to my midship and stern cleats and it covers the cockpit nicely.
That's exactly how mine looks ('cept mine is white). :D
BTW - Great looking boat. :wink:
Thanks for the compliments guys....I'm really enjoying the wife is a huge Stones fan and I like to Grouper dig so I combined the two ( actually my brother is the artist) to come up with the logo and name.

Wow, that looks great as setup on the Parker! That should be in their ad :) !

While I had never considered one (I love the sun) I can see its utility on those windless hot days and when you'd have kids aboard or others who can't take constant exposure to the sun.