Bunk or roller trailer?

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Jun 19, 2006
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Arnold, MD - Magothy River
I'm from the drive on school of thought for boat recovery and the roller trailer that I got with my 1801 is my first of this type. Took the new boat out today and we had a great time until it was recovery time. By myself, I could not get the boat on the trailer straight without having my stepson haul on the up wind aft line. I'm going to add a set of guide posts that I have from one of my previous boats to help get the boat on the trailer straight. Hopefully, this add on will quell my urge to trade this roller trailer for a bunk trailer.

So what do ya'all use bunk or roller?
I've been a roller trailer guy for most of my boating years, though one trailer was bunks at the rear and rollers up front and at the center stem. Regardless, in addition to the side guards, play around with the "water depth" to sink the trailer ... as many times, going in too deep is WAY worse than no deep enough.

Yeah, it cab be tough drawing a boat up on rollers with the winch, but no one said you can't back down 2 feet and then continue to roll it up. I usually shoot for the trailer being in halfway or the middle (lengthwise) roller being just out or just submerged in the water.

Play around a bit with depth of the trailer and you'll find a "sweet spot" where she loads so easily and guides on so straight ... that you'll look like a Pro at the ramp :) !
I love my bunk trailer.... I lauch and load alone and it is quite easy..... I drive it right up to the stop so there is no winching at all.

For your trailer I think the guide posts would be a great idea.

what richard said, use to have rollers..lotsa cranking. bunks for me..i drive her right, lock it go. do have guide posts for the wind. boat is a 23se.
Boondoggle... I've owned both types of trailers and I'd never own another roller trailer again, at least not as long as I live in this area.

My previous boat was a 17 Dusky that lived in a bunk trailer and I launched it a hundred times a season from Sandy Point State Park.
Float her off... drive her back on. :wink:


Maybe I was spoiled by the ramps at SPSP, but if I bought another trailer today for my 2520, it would most certainly be a custom bunk trailer.
Part of the problem is that ramp at Ferry Point Marina ain't exactly level or I haven't found the sweet spot on the ramp yet. Never had a problem with the duck boat...but I was using a bunk trailer - go figure.
Thanks for the tips, Dale. I'm getting used to my second roller trailer, the first for saltwater. My 1800 is difficult to load by myself, but there has always been someone on the dock kind enough to lend a hand.

My former sweetwater boat was light enough to handle, and there weren't the currents to deal with. I am trying to avoid guide posts.