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Feb 25, 2006
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Frog Mortar Creek
Thanks to the people who created this site. I have a 2520XL that I keep on Frog Mortar Creek off Middle River, Maryland. Are there any other Parker owners in the area?

I like to fish, but often I park the boat and sit on the deck just to watch the sun come up and go down on the bay.

I catch little or no fish. I'll need help here. See you on the water.
Where do you keep that boat again Anthony? :D

Sounds like we need to hook Bruce up with the gang on Tidalfish if he wants to do some catching. :wink:

It must be you in the 2510 I see all the time hanging out between the Bay Bridge, Bloody Pt., and Deale. I've got the 2510 that is a blatant adversisement for planner boards on the top of the hardtop. :D :D :D

Every time I go past you, I get on chan 68 and hollar "Nice looking Parker" but don't seem to get a response. Must be paying too much attention to the fishing.
I have to get to Best Buy, my mouse is messed up, I'm ready to through out the door.

Porkchunker, In the spring I keep my boat at my sister pier in Cornfield creek behind Gibson Island and fish Bloody Point to Poplar and back to the bridge. I do remember a 2510 last year blow there horn at me as they were running by, maybe that was you.


I hope it doesn't double post again.
I think we need some burgees!
Then... we can ID each other on the water! :wink:
I'm so excited about Classic parker anything, I can't stand it! We need lots of merchandise before next Christmas. It'll make shopping a breeze for the Admiral. A burgee is a capital idea!

And to think I was actually contemplating that True World boat I saw at the show... Surely that was a moment of weakness!
I'd buy a burgee and both long and short sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts to help Dale pay for this site. Now that we finally have it [a real Parker site], I don't ever want it to go away.

BTW, the ClassicParker icon is really great. My compliments to whomever designed it. It would look great on a burge or t-shirts.