Chesapeake Stripers ?

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Wild Rover

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Mar 26, 2006
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Annapolis, Md
How many of you guys we out on the bay this am trolling for trophy bass ?

I did not fair too well, 1 keeper (38inch) and one short :roll: .......I could not believe the fargin boat traffic :!: Not sure how anyone could hope to hook a fish after 10am.

Still, it was a great start to the season.....Gorgeous day !!

Esteemed fellow Parker owners,
I skipped Opening Day of the Trophy Season and took my 2110 up to the Susquhanna Flats for the Special C&R Season. There must have been at least 5 other Parkers out there and thats just what I happened to see. Mostly 21 and 23 SE's. Saw another 2110 that was much cleaner then mine, but; mine has a bow pulpit.