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Feb 23, 2006
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Southern California
Hello everyone, glad Dale put this together and we all have a place where we can "Jones" about Parkers.

I live in CA and found my present boat in New Jersey. I drove cross country and towed it all the way home and had a blast. It is a 1992 2520DV that has a full custom flybridge and brand new twin 150 Yammy 4 strokes that I just had put on to replace the two strokes that were on the boat.

It was owned by Texas A&M univ for 12 years and was their dive boat. The guy in New Jersey I bought it from had it for a year. The boat was not in too bad of shape. A little gel coat repair here and there and new west coast style bait tank and house battery set up and she'll be ready for the water. That should be done in a month or so.

Interestingly when I do get her wet here in the next few weeks it will be the 3rd ocean she's been in, the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico being the first two. I bet not many small boats can say that.

Other things I will be doing is adding more rod holders, cockpit rails and toe rails, replacing the Morse controls with the new electronic controls and eventually adding a full Raymarine system w/autopilot but that will be over time. Spring is coming and I can't wait to spank some Tuna and Yellowtail in U.S. or Mexican waters.

Also looking forward to gleaning as much info as I can from all of you Parker experts. Great boat and I couldn't be happier (well, maybe winning the lottery).

Ken Donnelly
Beaumont CA


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Check out that rooftop tower! :D
You know we're going to need more photos of that eventually. :wink:

Welcome aboard!