F250 mounting height question on my '97 2310

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bent monkey

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Apr 29, 2008
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Redondo Beach, CA
I've had my 2310 for 24 years and a while back I swapped out my OX66 225 HP for an F250 and while helping me out with installing some electronic upgrades my buddy noticed that the anti-ventilation plate was above the keel and I am wondering if the motor is installed at the correct height.

We grabbed a 2x4 out of my truck and put it against the hull and took the attached pics.
In one of the pics you can see that the motor can be lowered by one last available mounting hole and want to ask if I should have it lowered and if so will that be enough?

When we were commissioning the new electronics the other day he was at the helm and noticed that the boat does horrible in reverse which initially got him thinking.something isn't right and after looking at it on the trailer we're thinking it's likely because the water is being pushed against the transom instead of under the hull.

The motor is a 2007 LF250TXR and at 4600 RPM's the boat will do about 30 knots as is.

On a side note, we swapped out the Bennett tabs for the Lenco electric tabs and their auto glide system which controls the roll/pitch automatically and the difference is night and day, quicker hole shot, on plane quicker and
adjusts when people are moving around on the boat.

Appreciate any feedback!


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