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Jun 4, 2006
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Jacksonville. FL
I finally have a Parker of my own. After years of searching I purchased a 91 2520 SCDV. It has a Volvo diesel and Volvo outdrive. It's not the most cosmetically pleasing, in it's other life it was a charter vessel, but for the price I paid , it is now undergoing new gelcoat. The engine has 2600 hrs and runs well. I look forward to corresponding with you all. I'm mike from Jacksonville and the new (old) boat is "MOMMA SAID"
Sounds like MOMMA SAID "OK, you can buy the boat :) !"

Welcome aboard ... we need pictures ;) ...
Welcome aboard Livestock!

As you look through some of the other 'introduction' postings, you'll see a couple more diesel Parkers here that you can share tips with.
And, of course... we always ask for photos. :D
Welcome Livestock,
Good to see the forum membership increasing all the time. You'll get alot of good ideas on projects on your "91 from the members here. Good luck with your Parker.