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Mar 30, 2006
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Seaside Heights NJ
Now, let's see if I can post them. Simple, basic fishing boat. No fuss, no muss.



Named after these photos were taken - Sea Dawg II

John S.
AAAHH! Fresh and new, the smell of fiberglass is coming through the screen at me. Gotta love her, a thing of beauty she is, AAARRGH Matey! No wine stains on the after decks, fresh fish blood is going to make a monthly scrubbing of the non skid a reality soon enough. Go get 'em!
Starts off clean when the season begins, but she's got her share of stains and battle scars. And sometimes when I really think hard enough (which is tough work on its own), I think I faintly detect that new boat smell even after 2 full seasons. Today, it's floating and season number 3 has started. Weekends seem soooooo far away now. Whoever thought up the idea of working 5 days and 2 days off should have been shot.


2004 2120SC
150 Yamaha carb 2 stroke
I hear ya...I'm doing a lot of 10 hour days so I can take a Friday or Monday off now and then. :D :D :D

After 5 seasons, when I open the hatches in the v-berth, I can still get a hint of new fiberglass. "Ahhhhhh...the smell of victory in the morning."