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Bryan 2530

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Mar 5, 2006
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Westbrook CT
Does anyone have the tower that parker shows in their catalogue? It looks like it folds into the cockpit. I am looking for pics and opinions on how this works. Especially the hardware used. I do not have a parker but I deal with a bridge on my way out and I am always devising ways of adding something to my current boat or the next one. Maybe a Parker 28. Thanks in advance for all replies.
Bryan, There were photos on the old web site of a Parker 28 owner on the west coast who documented his tower, trailer, and quite a few other items. I'm not sure if those old photos are available anywhere else, but if anyone knows, the other 28 owners here may know where some of those old detail photos might exist.

Good luck with your project, and hopefully we can find what you need.
I have a full tower on my boat. Its hinged on the back legs and bolted on the front. Folds down in the cockpit. I had struts put on my to make it easier to lift byyourself. Without the struts its really hard for one person to put it up, but can be done.
If you trailer by yourself alot a forward folding tower is much earier for one person. I do it alot myself with this set up. When taking it down or up I walk along the gunnell and flip the front leg over and let it down or up slowly. Once I have it down I had two short legs made that fit into the brass rod holders you can see in the back of the tower. They are placed at the right angle and length so when the tower is folded forward the wheel stops 2" from the deck. Tie it down to the front rail or elsewhere and be on your way. You can also pull it up and down with a rope. This one is not all that heavy.


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Thanks for the pic. Where did you get the fittings for that?
I have talked to a few builders and they all complained about lining things up and having to make special parts. :?:
If I can gather enough pieces I may try and build a folding arch for my current boat. I just need a TIG welder. :D
All of the parts are stock and a pipe bender is a must. I'll take a few more pictures this weekend of the joins in close-up for you. The box is not stock, but there are plenty of them out there that are. Photo's coming this weekend. cos
was the pic you're referring to on the cover of the 2005 parker catalog? a guy in a red jacket is driving from the tower?
Megabyte":nsp6mmkf said:
Bryan, There were photos on the old web site of a Parker 28 owner on the west coast who documented his tower, trailer, and quite a few other items.

Was that ATCBill's 28' Parker?

If so ... here's his site:
You can see the stock Parker folding tower on my boat for sale at she is the one in Maine....