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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
Let's discuss fuel management systems. I'm going to install a system as soon as I can make up my mind which one to get so I am turning to ya'll for insight and experience with these instruments in terms of these trade-offs:

Ease of installation
Ease of use

The obvious choices are:

Yamaha $600
Navman $280
Floscan $500


Wow, for those prices, go with the Namvan 3100 model. I have only ever heard of one person having a problem with one and that was the fuel transducer that crapped out, which could happen to any make unit.

FWIW I run a Navman color GPS with fuel computer built-in. That 5500x model is only $425 on the net and the fuel trnasducer is another ~$75 ... so for the price of the FloScan alone you could also have a color GPS (less C-Map chart).

I tell you where the Navman fuel computer shines ... once calibrated, if you pull up the dock and wanted to add in just 20 gallons, you can do so. On some other brands, they do NOT have this feature and you need to top off the tanks each time for the totalizer to work.

With my Navman, as hooked into the GPS, I get instant miles-per-gallon readout and it will tell me how many miles I went for the trip or for the season, and just how many gallons I burned for the trip or the season too.

I will never run a boat again without Bennett trim tabs, radar, or a fuel computer system. Slick stuff!

Try Dave @ www.brokenlegdave.com for your stuff, I've bought 2 GPS systems, VHF, C-Map, and depth units off of him ... best prices around!
Can't comment on the other products but I added a Navman 6600 combo finder/GPS last year. I hooked up the flow sensor at the same time, on a 5.7 liter Volvo I/O and a 150 gallon tank.

Have not had a problem.

I have the 9000 series Flowscan and I really like it. It replaces my tach so no new holes in the dash. It also interfaces with the GPS to give you NMPG. Its a bit more than the Navman.
Ranger, One tip on the installation of the fuel transducer...

I used some adhesive zip-tie cable mounts inside the transom to zip-tie the transducer in the vertical position. The 'ducer must be mounted vertically in order to work properly, and using the nylon zip-ties and mounts worked well for me. No issues in two years of use.
Thanks Kevin. The nice man at BOE just told me there is a huge back order for the 2100s so I will have to wait a while. :cry:

But I can install my new Lowrance x107C Fish Finder while I am waiting! :D