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Feb 24, 2006
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Sol Cal
In the bottom of my boat to install a Airman Tranducer, any sugestions on what to use to seal the hole, 4200 or 5200 or is there something better, need it to dry in a few days so I can put the boat back in the water ! :idea:
I will take pics of the job as the new Transducer should arrive tommrow and I am going to get the boat out of the water tommrow , so weather permitting , should install Wed and install outrigger mount at the same time ! Probally will use 5200, not sure yet !!
Porkchunker":2n974iai said:
5200 is permanent. If you think you'll ever have to remove it, use 4200.
Using when "Anti-Bond 2015" 3M 5200 comes off like putting a knife through hot butter. Well, OK, not quite that easy ... but we removed an OB bracket off of a transom once that had a thick bead of 5200 all the way around. Yes, sometimes it can be tough getting the solvent in under the item to begin to break the bead, but once done, it works. We used a thin piece of SS wire to a wooden handle on each end to work the solvent and cut the bead behind the OB bracket.

FWIW I always, always, always use 5200 below the waterline, specially with screws, always. Did I say always ;) ? I just run the screws through a wax candle first and wipe off the excess. This allows the 3M 5200 to firm up around it, but if/when you ever need to remove it, the wax acts as a release agent.
Maybe the word "permanent" was a bit strong...but...you have your work cut out for you when it comes time to remove the bedded fitting.

I learned that if you bed a screw in epoxy, a soldering iron on the head of the screw will soften the epoxy to the point that you can back the screw out.

Guess there are tricks for most supposedly "permanent" installations.
3M 4200 and 5200 are essentially the same 'stuff' so far as bedding and sealing goes.
The difference is that 5200 is an OMG! adhesive as well as a bedding material. It can be used essentially as a glue without mechanical fasteners in many instances.

I have used 5200 above the waterline for items that I never plan on being replaced (bilge pump through hulls), and 4200 for less severe service.

There are other sealants and bedding agents besides those two (3M 101 for instance).

Read more about the products on the 3M web site here:
http://products3.3m.com/catalog/us/en00 ... utput_html