Help me keep my 2320 DVSC (Or not?)

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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
Most people get two-foot-itis. I have been thinking about down scaling. Here’s the situation: As you all know I have a 2003 DVSC with most all the bells and whistles including a trailer. For reasons listed below, I am thinking of downgrading to a 21 SE. The discussion I guess I want is pros/cons, etc.

A) Summer 2005 my wife started getting sea sick when we went out. Started innocently enough and now this year it has gotten really bad. We have tried everything to no avail. It has gotten so bad that she won’t even think about going out. On reason I wanted the pilot house is/was to get out of the heat and she also used to love sun bathe on the roof.

B) My usual crew has really broken up. My brother-in-law has moved to the Tampa area for work, my nephew just had his first child, and my son is so busy with his company that even he can’t get out with me but maybe once a summer.

C) If I keep the boat wet slipped going out alone is not a problem, but I don’t like to trailer launch and recover the 2320 by myself: it’s too much work versus the pleasure, and wind is ALWAYS a factor. I don’t mind fishing alone but, well, you know it is not all its cracked up to be if you have to do it all the time.

D) I do have a boat payment but for what I can get for the 2320, I could pay cash for a 21SE.

E) How come I never see a 21SE with T-Top?

F) How does a 21SE fare in the mid-bay? I must admit being a bit put-off by the DV roll. (This may contribute to my wife’s sea-sickness)

G) I am not opposed to keeping the 2320 either. I do like winter fishing because of the cabin and as we all know the summer heat has way less impact because of the cabin as well.

Anyway, are there other pros/cons I am not thinking of? How much of a factor would weather be in a 21SE versus the 2320?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas.

1. You say the wife goes with you.... Ask her if she can deal without a potti.

2. Also when fishing the colder or rainy weather, where are you going to keep your dry clothes.

3. Do you store your rods and fishing gear on the boat now? You will have to take it with you as there is no lockable storge on the CC

Typically I hear anecdotes of boaters downsizing for various reasons, typically economics-related. But these stories involve downsizing from a 32'er with twins to a 23' with a single, or such. Will downsizing from a 23' single to a 21' single really help with costs? Would you slip the 23'er but not the 21'er?

I don't see the cost savings as drastic enough a difference to warrant the dreaded downsizing. If you are just not using the boat period, then maybe your real issue is whether or not to take a reprieve from boating for a year or two? That's a crappy decision to have to face. :cry:
rangerdog":mx83dc0g said:
E) How come I never see a 21SE with T-Top?

Here you go... This department owns a pair of Parker 21 SE's.


Greg makes some good points about the potti, storage, and weather protection.
This time of year, all it takes is one spray-bath to remind you why you bought a sport cabin.
I have always owned center console boats, including my present 23 SE. Once you accept the fact that you will take spray at some point on many days, you plan for it. I almost always bring a rain suit with me and wear it for spray protection rather than for rain protection. There are many advantages to a cabin-style boat, but I love my boat for fishing flexibility. I have run it in 4-5 foot waves --, just slow down to minimize the pounding and expect to get wet. The boat can take more beating than my body.
I have had CC and Pilothouses. Boating in the Northeast, the PH extends my season considerably while keeping me and my crew dry and warm. Plus, I can sleep on it like I did last night and ran 25 miles on a frosty morning today comfortably to the fishing grounds. For me to get a center console again, I would have to move further south. You said you tried everything for your wife's seasickness, but the wristband worked wonders for my wife who also had that problem. If it's strictly an economics issue, that's another story. Good luck.