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Mar 19, 2006
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Middletown, RI
How slow can the 2510MV (16 degree deadrise) efficiently stay on plane in significant seas with good use of the tabs? Looking at it, my guess is much slower than the 25 Grady. Am I correct? Will a single 250 or twin 150s make any difference?

Thanks again for helping me with my shopping!
The MVs have 14 degrees of deadrise and with Bennett 24x9 tabs that many of us here switched to, we can stay on plane @ low teens using single 225hp OBs on the bracket.

The XL is a 16-degree hull and not sure if anyone here has upgraded to the Bennett tabs. You could probably go slower with the Lenco 12x12s though, as they create significant drag in order to work. We, on the other hand, get performance and fuel efficiency ;) .
The new 2510 with the 16 degree deadrise has the 12 x 12 Lenco's but they are recessed in the hull. I have no idea how well they work.
I've had my 2520 MVSC down as low a 9 kts on a small-craft day, but 10 kts is easy to maintain in most any condition.
Mine has a single 225 OX66 on a bracket, and Bennett 24x9 tabs.