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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
I don't know why I don't take more pictures.... I've made a couple of runs offshore this year with a variety of catches and this is about all I've got to show for it. On this trip I didn't even take pictures of the tuna we caught.

Thursday I left Willis Wharf with my brother-in-law Chuck. Just the two of us. We shoved off at 5 am and by 8 we had lines in at the Norfolk Canyon which is about 70 miles from the dock. Things were a little on the slow side all day but we boated two 30lb yellow fin.... lost two fish around 45 lbs..... one came off the hook after a second deep run and one came off the hook right before the gaff. We found this mahi toward the end of the day trolling.... I am always amazed at the colors.

On the long ride back in Chuck slept most of the time. I took this while running a difficult quartering/following sea from the port side.... put 170 miles on the boat!

I've got to get a friend over so I can get some pictures of a fathers day trip where we caught a mako..... more pictures to follow.



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Here are my two boys doing what they do best between schools of fish, or on the way to/from the fishing grounds. :D :D :D


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