I'm in , I'm in, I'm in !!!!!

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Feb 17, 2006
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Old Saybrook, CT

She's wet and roaring to go, go, go !! Thanks to those two guys on my boat for helping me.

I had a little problem when I didn't have any forward or reverse. I recently changed the impeller and when reinstalling the lower unit, I did not have the shift shaft spline's lined up right and they did not mate.

In 10 minutes I dropped the leg again and fixed it. All is well.

Who wants to go Winter FLounder fishing?
John - ok, I am ready for some winter flounder fishing. Tell me when. Boat looks great! Sure feels good to be back in. I am out of the game for the next week....taking the family to Disney for the week. Well family told me I was taking them to Disney.

I know the (good) feeling brother! :D
Hey! Whats up with the open front window?
Don't you know that its still cold out there? :shock: