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Big Block

Apr 7, 2006
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Princeton - Harvey Cedars, NJ
Anyone have approx. performance numbers of a kicker on an XL or SL 25 Parker 16 degree deadrise hull. I'm thinking 9.9 or 15hp big foot or high thrust for the boat but want to know what kind of performance to expect, I can't imagine it would push too much, but like the idea for trolling Stripers, and trolling up to 7 knts for tunas. In addition I like the idea of a little juice to the 12 volt system. Concern is the weight on the corner of the boat...

Input Please...


To give you a ballpark, John-from-CT mounted a 10hp high-thrust kicker to his 25' deep-V and he got just over 6mph with not much wind nor tide.

Remember, you are LIMITED to just how fast the boat can be pushed at displacement speeds due to physics, with the exact equation being the square root of the hull length at the waterline times 1.34 (if I remember it correctly off the top of my head.

You could put a 20hp as a kicker and if it couldn't push the boat up onto plane, then you'll never get past the bow wave and will be doing nothing but pushing a bigger stern wave and burning more gas.

About 6-7mph "at best" is the most you could ever expect. I believe the theoretical limit comes out to be about 6.4 mph assuming a 25 footer measures ~23' at the waterline.
Yes, I agree that getting much more than 6.5mph would be very hard based on displacement speed.

Look for my thread on my kicker addition. The weight of the engine does not seem to affect the listing or the ride of the boat at all.
I also have the 9.9 High Thrust Yamaha four stroke........ it is great.... will keep my boat going an honest 6 mph.....

For me that is not fast enough for tuna..... around here..... especially early in the season I need to go about 8 to 9 mph just to outrun the bluefish (after I get tired of catching some).

Am considering putting a new 06', 8HP. High thrust four stroke Yamaha on our 2120 Sport cabin as a back up to our 150HPDI. Did not want to go with anything larger due to weight considerations. I am open to feedback..