Leak in Seastar steering?

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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
I noticed the past 2 times I went on the boat my motor was turned all the way to port side. Whenever I leave the boat I tilt it all the way up and keep it centered. Both times fluid leaked out from the steering fluid reservoir cap on top of the steering column. It even leaked onto the floor. I plan on calling the dealer tomorrow, but I was wondering what you guys thought?


I have a small leak on one end of the cylinder at the motors. I top it off a couple times a season...but this fall I think I'll rebuild the cylinder.

Haven't had any problem with the helm pump unit...knock on wood.
If you have a small amount of fluid leaking out of the vent cap onto the floor, it may be just the summer heat expanding the fluid beyond the capacity of the system to contain it. This occurred with mine the first summer after I had our boat. I bought a spare bottle of fluid and kept watch, but I haven't had any more leaks. YMMV.
I second the summer heat theory..... I'm convinced that's what mine does at the 2nd stearing station......... I wipe in down and ignore it as it only happens on the hottest days... never on a day below say 80 degrees.
I 3rd the heat theory (similar top auto tires, that raise/lose 1 PSI for every +/- 10 degrees F change in temp.

FYI ... I can save you money, since my bros and I have been running 11 OBs and 7 boats for the past few years, the larger ones with hydraulic steering, we have have been using the Wal*Mart "Power Tech" or "Power Somethin" Trim/Tilt Hydraulic Steering fluid, ... $2 a tube.

When I added my 2nd helm they had it at end of season closeout for $0.50 per tube ... I bought a lifetime supply for $5 :D ! 2 seasons now on my boat and 5 season on my bros' Grady, Arima, & Straots ... and we cannot tell we're not running the ~$16/bottle Teleflex fluid. The Wally World stuff meets the same mil-spec.