Looking for a mooring cover for a 23SE

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Bald Eagle

Mar 6, 2006
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Anyone know where I can find a mooring or trailering cover for a Parker 23SE? It's a center console without a tee top.
Not looking for an expensive custom job, just one to keep the rain, dirt and leaves out of the boat when it's being stored on the hard...
Taylor Made makes inexpensive covers you might get a few years out of if you don't do heavy duty highway trailering. They are sold through Boatersworld, Westmarine, and many other retailers:

http://offshore.boat-cover.net/mall/cov ... 96%3A35245

If you want a real fine sunbrella cover... try http://www.millscanvas.com
It will be three times the price though. But it will last for many more years.
I bought mine from Boater's World. It is blue, but I do not remember the brand. It was for a 23-24 foot boat and is plenty long enough. With the high rail over the windshield and the width of the 23 SE, the sides of the cover just came about even with the rub rail in the center of the boat. I had the canvass guy who was making me a console cover add an extension pocket for the electronics cabinet and now the cover fits quite well.

The cost of the BW cover was about $350 and it is holding up well after two years. The total cost with the added pocket was still less than half the cost of a custom Sunbrella mooring cover.