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Feb 24, 2006
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Marshfield, MA
I'm Doug from Marshfield, Ma (5 mi. N. of Plymouth, 30 mi. s. of Boston).

The boat is an '89 2520 MV with a '93 OMC 225. I'm the 3rd owner, it's been used but not abused. It was a great buy, (boat, motor and trailer) and fit my budget. I feel I was lucky to get her, after looking actively at a number of boats (including non-Parkers) for awhile. The 2nd steering station was yard built when new, probably to help while pulling pots.

This is the 2nd year for me, last year's project was to have the OB rebuilt with a new freshwater powerhead. A new 4 stroke is a long way off, besides, the engine performs as if new; the only drawbacks are fuel efficiency and noise. She'll run 34 kts wot @ 5300 rpm and cruises well at 28 kts. The MV is great for me because I like offshore stability and I'm not in enough of a hurry to push her hard in a chop.

I also added a Garmin chart plotter to the existing Raymarine radar, GPS, color depth plotter, etc. as well as Bennett 10x20(?)" tabs. She always seems to list to starboard because of the lobster gear, pot hauler and battery and 2nd steering station. Much better planing level with the tabs.

This year's projects include rewiring the monkey puzzle spaghetti mess wiring with new lighted toggles, bus bars and fuses. Also will add midship bilge pump by cutting in an access hatch in the floor. Its the same old problem of rainwater collecting in the low midship bilge. Oh, also have to re-caulk the 17 yr. old leaky deck/pilothouse joint where heavy rains find their way in.

Will compound/buff out the hull and take care of various small gel-coat gouges and scratches.

Plan to dress up the cabin and add an extra small bunk so my wife and small son will be more comfortable overnighting.

Future projects include designing a bimini/camping canvas that actally looks good on a 2520, a new radar mast, rearrange the cabin seating/small galley and table and then .....??

As you can probably guess, one of my major interests is using the boat for short overnight trips to Cape Cod, Mass Bay and (trailer?) up to Maine. Our small family (including dog) is used to rustic, close together camping so our comfort expectations are not too high.

We also have a rec. lobster license for pots and SCUBA. The boat will be used for day SCUBA trips in Mass Bay.

Finally, and I know this sounds boring to you game fishers, but we enjoy bottom fishing for cod, haddock and flounder. Kind of a fill the freezer approach.

I'm happy with the boat; it will fit my needs for the forseeable future, but I suppose Ill have to plunge for a new 4 stroke someday.

The only drawback to me is that the pilothouse is low (eye level on me) from the cockpit. That limits my chances of coming up with an attractive bimini/full canvas enclosure that doesn't look like it's got a big rise (1 ft.?) above the cabin door.

I have a few pix to post, but mostly I'm the one with the camera and interest in using it, so no good shots of her underway.

How long do I get before I really have to settle on a name other than "The Boat"?



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Also wanted to post this last picture.

By the way, by "freshwater powerhead" I meant a rebuilt powerhead from a company that supplies heads used only in freshwater lakes (Arkansas?).


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How about Das Boot?

Just kidding ...

Guessing your of Scottish heritage from what little I can see of your sir name, so that would be Am Bata from Gaelic if not mistaken.

Or Anns a’ Bhàta for "in the boat".

Or Fhir a’ Bhàta for "Boatman".

Welcome aboard! Great to have someone here with a 2520 of my vintage.
Hi Doug, think i looked at that one a while back when it was for sale. Was in the Boston area ? Nice boat !
The picture with the "railing" was actually from when I looked at her in Quincy, MA on the former owner's mooring. I think he had a bird problem (seagulls, cormorants) and had a lot of flags, whirligigs, etc., rigged up.

Unfortunately, the birds are good at defeating most efforts so it's a constant battle.