Mounted Kicker Engine on my 2520DV

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Feb 17, 2006
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Old Saybrook, CT
My 2002 Parker engine bracket does not have a pre-welded spot to mount a kicker engine. The bracket I added was purchased from Armstrong directly as it was half the price this way versus buying from my Parker dealer.

The engine is mounted on the starboard side because it will be fully remote controlled. The controls are mounting in the cockpit, just to the right of of the captains chair, and slightly back. Right now it appears that I need to get 2' longer control cables.

BTW, this is a 2002 Yamaha 9.9hp High Thrust kicker. 25" shaft, 4 stroke. It will be plumbed to my Racor filter head, with a shut off valve.

I troll a fair amount and with the price of gas, I should save a few $$$. I also have an Auto-pilot so it should be a nice package.




Also, that piece of 2"x6" is being replaced by starboard. The engine mount is too thin for the engines bolts to hold it down.

Comments, suggestions,........... are all welcome. :D :D

I am envious. I wish I could post some expertise but there is none. I will likely install the same motor to my bracket-less transom in a year or two, but I was thinking of doing it on the cheap, with a long tiller arm.
I'd love to have a kicker for trolling, but my boat has the bracket without the swim platform. :(

The previous owner did a pretty good job of fabbing a swim platform from starboard that sits atop the bracket, but it would never accomodate a kicker.

If I ever repower her, I'd consider replacing my 'little' bracket for one with the integrated swim platform. Maybe then... :)

Nice job you did on yours. Let us know how it performs!
BTW - I just bought one of those motor covers from SIM. :wink:
Well I finally got the boat out today for a shake down cruise. These past couple of days I finished the install of the kicker with the controls mounted in the cockpit. Its really cool that way. The engine only needs to be lowered manually, after that everything is run from the helm seat.

Anyway, as an FYI for those looking to mount a kicker to their Parker, I got a solid 6.0-6.2mph with this set up. Bear in mind that I have a 9.9hp HIGH THRUST engine, which probably aids in the performance.