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Jan 23, 2007
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Hi all,
My name is Fred. We recently moved to the Flathead lake area of Montana from the Cedar Key area of Florida. Sold the Young 20 (great flats and bay boat) and am now in the process of trying to find the right boat. I have decided on a Parker, as I have looked at them a couple of years ago. We want to fish the West coast (my first time) of Wash. and also pulll the boat down to the Fla. Panhandle for cobia, and some offshore fishing. I am use to cc boats, as I like the fishing room, and also like to flyfish. But, the weather is cooler up here. Do any of you use cc parkers on the west coast. I know many do up in the NE. The Parker dealer in Seattle has not sold any cc. We are retired and plan to pull this boat all over, so do you think the 21DV is enough, or should we just bite the bullet and get the 23. I would like to know what your opinion is on the wa verses the cc. Thanks for the long intro and questions. I have been reading your posts for awhile, and have really enjoyed them. Thanks again. :D
Welcome to the site.'ve got a tall order there.

I grew up in MT (HS in Billings, College in Bozeman), and hunted the "Highline" and along the "Missouri Breaks." Flathead in the summer is a great place for a CC, as is the "Yellowtail" resivour on the MT-WY border south of Billings.

The ocean on the WA and OR coasts is BIG water...and cold. A CC would certainly be exposed...especially in the cold rain along the WA coast. The 21SC (or any Parker SC or WA) is not what I'd call a flyrod friendly boat. I have a 2510 WA, and although it works, fly fishing from it is challenging.

If I were you, I'd go with the 23 CC DV (DV because of the big water along the WA and OR coasts), then have a canvas enclosure built for it. Over on there is a guide (Walleye Pete) who has a 21 CC with an enclosure. He fishes it in some fairly cold weather in Nov, Dec, and Jan along the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and the VA coast. He uses a Coleman radiant heater driven by 1 lb propane bottles that will almost drive you out of the enclosure. Register at TF, then send him a b-mail (board mail) and ask him for some pics of his enclosure.

If I can ever get the Admiral to agree to selling the 2510, I'll move to a 23 DV CC.
Thanks, Porkchunker,
I already figured on full inclosure. What I am more concerned with is the trailering a longer boat, not weight. I have noticed in pictures of people fishing up in Alaska and off of Canada, I have seen alot of open boats. It is a hard call, but then when I was younger, we use to go out in Jan. off of Melbourne, Fla. in some really awful weather for sails. Now, I just look for nicer weather to pursue the fishing. Thanks for the input, Porkchunker. Does anyone have any input on dealers in the Fla panhandle? I have already contacted the Ship's Chandler in Destin.
I trailer the 2510, which with the bowsprit and motors on a bracket is about 32' long. There is a thread here on tow vehicles where my rig is displayed.

Towing the long boat is not a problem. You have to choose which fuel stations you enter...making sure you have a clean exit. You also have to watch the side mirrors and ensure you make extra wide turns. Other than that, towing any of the 23' Parker models would be easy. When you get to the 25' hull, because of the 9'6" beam, you have to get towing permits. But no need for a permit with the 23' models.
Check with Big bend Marine over in Perry Florida. That's where I bought my 21SE and they were great to deal with.

I also lived in WA (Seattle area) for a little over a year and I think you might appreciate a Pilothouse boat in that area.
Thanks for the info, wflgator. Funny thing about Big Bend Marine. Before we had Robby build our Young 20, I contacted Big Bend about a Parker, and arranged a meeting with the salesman as we were about two hours from there. I showed, he never did. I have contacted Chandlers up in Destin, as we want to have a home there eventually, also. At least keep a boat there for winter and spring use, especially when the cobes start running. :lol:
No problem. I am suprised by the comments on Big Bend. They were great to me, even driving to Gainesville to look at my old boat for trade in.

I haven't had much interaction with the Ships Chandler in Destin although they have been responsive to email requests for info. If you need me to do any scouting for you let me know. Destin is only about an hour from where I live now.

I used to fish Cedar Key when I lived in Gainesville. Small workd huh!
Thanks wflgator,
Where are you from Destin? We want to eventually have a home down there, and might keep the boat somewhere around there and rent or do a motels, or whatever, meanwhile. Anyway, I am also beginning to be interested GradyWhite wa and Sailfish wa, If you know of anything, let me know. We have a nice home in Bronson (between Gainesville and Cedarkey) if you know anyone that is interested. Thanks for your input...Fred