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Rob Hutchison

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Sep 28, 2023
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Just signed up. On my 2nd Parker. Bought a 2018 2501 cc last year(2022) and really love the boat. We keep it on a trailer at Lewes Harbor marina and can launch with ease at the ramp there and also go out of IRI when fishing further South off of OC, MD.
Already thinking about my 3rd Parker but going to wait a couple years since I prefer to buy used.
Has anyone been on the new 29 yet?
I’m thinking it may be somewhat better suited for the Canyon runs on good days.
We currently stay within the 60-70 fathom line when we run off.
Just wondering if there is a big difference between what I presently own and the new 29 cc and if the 29 with LOA around 33’ would be considered a true offshore rig?