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Apr 1, 2006
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Newport, RI
After much deliberation I finally broke down and got my 1st Parker yesterday... It's a 2320 with the 225 Yamaha and a second station. The boat will be delivered on May 1st... It's going to be a long month!

Now I need to find some decent electronics to go in her. Does anyone have recommendations for a reasonable priced combo fish finder/GPS unit that performs well? I ran a Lowrance unit on my last boat and was very happy with it but I've heard rumors that their new units have had issues and I'm reluctant to go back to them.

If you know of anyone, here in the New England area, interest in a 96 Wellcraft 218CCF please send me a PM.

Can't wait for May 1st!
Welcome aboard Jim! Congratulations on your new baby... :)

I don't have a combo GPS/sounder on my boat, but I know that B-Faithful has the same Garmin GPS/chartplotter that I do, and he has the GDS21 remote sounder module on his, making it a combo. You might want to PM him and ask if he is pleased with his setup.

I have the older Garmin 2010c GPS/chartplotter flush mounted, and a separate Furuno FCV600L sounder mated to an Airmar tilted element through-hull transducer.
If you have the helm space, I can recommend separate units.



All of my electronics came from the BOE Marine online store. BOE has low prices and excellent customer service. ... hp?cat=448

Good luck!
I will second Kevins recommendation on BOE Marine. I have the 2010c w/ GSD20 sounder and run it as a combo unit. Overall I am pleased with the unit as a sounder but it certainly isnt as nice as my Furuno on my last boat. I chose the garmin over the ray unit because I dont plan on adding radar as I never used it on my last boat doing the kind of fishing I do (near shore/bay) and think Garmin is about the best plotter out there. Plus the c80 package w/out radar and 2010c were about the same price and I like having the numberic key pad and 10.4" screen over the 8" screen. If I was going to add radar, I would have gone with the Ray C80. I think they make a better radar and the digital finder is certainly nicer than the Garmin. However, Garmin is releasing the GSD 22 digital finder box this year so who knows. If money wasnt an issue and their plotter was a little nicer I would have also considered furuno.

As far as combo units go, I a lot of times wish I went with the Garmin 2006c for a plotter and added a Furuno 582 for my finder. This would have given me the best of both worlds as I think the best finder for the $$ is the Furuno 582.
Another 2320. Good for you! I have Lowrance because it's what came on the boat and I am pretty satisfied. BOE has really good prices and customer service.
Thanks for recommending BOE...Their prices couldn't be beat! I ordered my Lowrance GPS/FF Mon afternoon and it was waiting for me when I got home from work on Tues...Thanks again! Jim