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Principal Reeler

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Sep 10, 2006
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Parker River, MA
Hi, all!!!

Just became the brand new owner of a '92 23' Parker walkaround.

You all are the reason I fell in love with a Parker...from YOUR love affairs on this forum :D :wink:

I'm going to moor her in Newbury MA. Hope to talk (and maybe see) you soon 8)

DaleH...thanks for your warm welcome and your super help with my registration :D

Principal Reeler a/k/a Mac McGee
Welcome aboard ClassicParker Mac!
Lets see some photos of that 2310! :wink:
Welcome aboard. You've got a great boat.

I hear that Parker actually sells quite a few WA models. Would be interesting to see Robin jump in here and give us the breakdown of what they sell by style and length.
As a privately held, family owned company... they aren't compelled to report their sales figures.
Tho I have to admit... it would be interesting to know what the most popular models are. :)
Welcome P-Reeler!

Wow! TWO new CP members from Lynnfield MA within a week! What are the odds of -that- ? :shock:

You landed at a great spot if you enjoy the company of knowledgeable, friendly, low-key, genuine folks who love their boats. (but it sounds like you already knew that 8) )

Can you believe we are almost at 400 members?

Thanks, guys...oops !...sorry if any member are ladies :oops:

I'll begin again...thanks "Classic Parker " members for the warm welcome :D !!!

Looking forward to get-to-gethers and meeting you...locally or afar 8) !