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Jun 19, 2006
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I finally after many years of looking for the perfit boat decided to buy a 2510 Parker. I bought it used from a guy in annapolis. The boat is a 2003 2510 MV and had been lift kept since new. I picked the boat up last friday afternoon in annapolis and headed south to Solomons for the start of my get aquainted period. The boat seemed to know where it was going and cruised straight with little helm input from me. We arrived in Solomons and after a few minutes had the dock lines adjusted and had her nestled in her new home. I had planned on going fishing that weekend with my old boat down in Norfolk so after a few hours of sleep and a check on the weather we headed south again at 0100 saturday morning. The trip was uneventful and I pulled into the back river about 0530. I went in to buy some fuel and bait and pick up a fishing buddy. The problems started on the way back out. The VHF must be broken because the the wind was forecast to be 5-10 out of the northwest and I swear it was blowing 15 to 20 out of the north east. This persisted all weekend ( I hate the weatherman) To make a long story shorter I headed back to Solomons Monday morning up the bay and the forecast was for 10-15 but it was 20-25 with 6 footers. I was hoping to catch a ship heading for Baltimore for protection but all were heading south so we slugged it out for 6 hours home. Im pulling the boat out tomorrow to paint the bottom and see if there are any cracks in the hull. I bought the Parker for this reason.
My past boat was a 21 foot trophy which I bought new in 93. I really got a lot of good use out of it for what I paid and will probly not bad mouth it much. Im not sure it could have taken the beating the Parker took. Anyway I am sure I will get a lot of useful info from this site and will pass on anything I find out as well. I guess the first thing is to get the VHF fixed and put the bigger trim tabs on. I do love the boat so far.

Captain Paul Parker
Fire Station 20-C
Fairfax Fireboat 420
Welcome aboard ClassicParker Paul!

The wind wasn't any better up in our part of the Bay this weekend, so I spent Saturday rafted up with friends, and Sunday anchored in a protected cove. I agree, the weatherman really missed it...

There have been several discussion threads here on how to get the most out of the MV hulls, and not beat up the boat or its occupants. One thing that it seems you've already discovered, is the fact that the OEM 12x12 trim tabs are less than effective as the seas build.

The 24x9 Bennetts that I put on my 2520 MVSC can keep me on plane at as little as 9 to 10 knots. At that speed you won't get there quickly, but you will get there in relative comfort without damaging anything.

Browse through the forums or use the search feature, and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. If not, just ask away! :wink:
Glad to see another 2510 owner. I put those 24 x 9 Bennetts on this year from advise from Megabyte and Dale. They work great.

Good Luck with your new boat.

My wife took this pic this weekend at Hart/Miller Island.



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Where are you located? I moved my 2002 2510 to Solomons early this Spring. Was out Sun afternoon, overnight, and into Mon morning. We anchored up off Fishing Pt. all night hunting croaker. I love the mouth of the Patuxent because you can always find shelter from the wind, and the fishing is better (on average) than up in Annapolis where I used to keep her.

If you need any advice/assistance on the 2510, let me know.