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Feb 23, 2006
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Middle River, Maryland
A little over a week to go, is everyone ready...

I will be preparing everything this weekend, marking lines, tying double parachute rigs, getting everything loaded on the boat. I will be moving my boat from Middle River to the Magothy on Sunday and start fishing from Bloody Point on south. I took off Mondays and Tuesdays for three weeks. Come on April 15th!

Where will everyone else be fishing?

I'm still trying to break the 40 pound mark on the Parker.

Good Luck!
I only have a half day pass as I have to head to NJ in the afternoon for Easter. The boat is wet slipped by Cantler's so I may try to troll the bridge then make my was south along the eastern shore channel edge. If the water is muddy I will run just south of KI and troll the mouth of the south and west rivers.
I won't get out until the 22nd when I'll be fishing my community tourney. :(

I'll be spending the first week of the season bringing a boat up the ICW from Miami, so no fishing for me.
B-Faithful":atwb84h5 said:
Sounds like a good trip Kevin. What are you bringing up?

50' Motoryacht. :)
I'll take my camera with me. Should be fun.
Esteemed fellow parker owners,
As for the opening of the Trophy Season on the 15'th, I'll skip opening day. But I may watch all the crazyness at the ramp.
Graymug... That would make for an entertaining day.
22 launch ramps and a whole lot of 'activity'. You get to see the best... and the absolute worst that day!

Take your camera and post some photos! :D