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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
I just got the new Perko LED nav light. This light is so bright you I saw spots for 10 minutes from looking directly at it. USCG certified for 2NM. Very similar in brightness to the Innovative navigation LED's (for those that have them). Anyway, the only problem with the Perko is that it comes on a 7" mast. Luckily, the factory Perko mast on our Parkers (28" tall) is 3/4" wide just like the LED version. I drilled out the rivet on the factory mast, did the same to the LED mast, and popped the LED head onto the factory mast and set it with a small SS screw. I didn't get a chance to install it yet though. Here are some pics.





That last photo looks like a UFO Dom. :)

I predict that once all of the manufacturers ramp up production of these LED units that you will see them take over the marine market for nav lighting. Incandescent bulbs just can't compete with a 2NM LED light.

That Perko unit looks pretty nice.
Good job! :wink:
LoL. It does look like a UFO. :lol:

I dont see why new boats don't come with them already! All cars definitely should. That would elimate all those people going back to the dealership because they dont know how to change a bulb!

Kevin, what did you do with the 3rd wire for the anchor light? Did you cap it or just connect both hot leads to the anchor light power wire?

That third wire is a second hot that allows you to wire the original 2-bulb light as an all-around, or as a stern light, depending on switch position.

I wired my LED as an all-around (which is the only choice :) ) and just capped off the other wire in case it might be used in the future.