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Feb 24, 2006
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Staten Island NY
Tried to add pics with my last post, but they were too big.


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Megabyte":znn9tyuj said:
That is just too cool!
And a rear camera too! WooHoo! :D

Like having a rear-view mirror right mounted between the windshields under the dome light!

Hmm..... sounds like a place to hang fuzzy dice. 8)
great boat, congrats. Who makes the jump seats in the cockpit?
the camera with the 3010 is just downright sexy what camera is it ?
thought I had all the gadgets already for the 3010 guess I was wrong
Will look for a name on the seat tomorrow. The camera is by Hanse. Both were installed by White Water Marine, Sayville Long Is. where I bought the boat. Youcan put 2 cameras on the 3010, just plug and play.


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Windy, that's one sweet rig. I may incorporate some of the seats you used, they look great and functional. Thanks.
Any chance you could post a few more pics of the seat on the transom???
Or one with the seap up, and how is it held up , with a pole or poles ????
Will take some pics of the seat tomorrow. It has hinges pipe legs that you snap down when you lower the seat. Looked for a manufacturers label, but nothing on it.