Planer Board Reels on a 2510

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
Took some pics of the reels I use to hold the extra thick flouresent weed whacker line that tows my planer boards. The reels are made by Big Jon. The clutches can't hold the reel static, under the strain of my large (40" long dual board) boards. So the line gets tied off to the rod holder just below the planer reel.

Next time I'm at the boat I'll take some pics of the boards themselves and add them to this thread.


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Great idea! They look like HUGE salmon mooching reels to me.
I used extension cord reels for a while, but storage space always seems to be my problem. The boys always want to lay down in the V-berth when moving/cruising, so I can't just keep dumping stuff on the cushions. Gotta have a place to mount/tuck things. So...I opted for a permanent mounting high, out of the way. Always there, I don't have to trip over them or go looking for them. Boards are mounted on the top of the hard-top. Kevin has posted a couple of pics of my boat that shows them up there.
How is this?
BTW - That's B-Faithful there in the 'pit sipping on a 22oz barley-pop. :D




Nice I know how you boost your post count to be numero uno. :D :D :D

That last pic was from Wish-A-Fish 2005. Had a Marine family with a hearing/balance impaired boy. What a great trip. They didn't complain about my ARMY shirt, and we traded war stories all day long. :D

BTW, do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a war story? A fairy tale starts out with "Once upon a time..." while a war story starts out with "No $hit, there I was..." :D :D :D
ttt so I can reference later :lol:

I am looking at options dave, I may just use extention wire coils
I plan on only running them on the weekdays away from everyone. There is no denying that they catch big fish. I need all the help I can get breaking our boat record of 43" last fall :wink:
I'm mostly fly and light tackle...but occaccionally when I'm plumb out of my mind, I'll break out the trolling rods and the planner boards. Trolling is my last you won't see me blocking my section of the Bay with them very often. I think they got off the roof only one time this year.