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Feb 23, 2006
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Annapolis, MD
My name is Greg and I have a poorman's parker. (aka May-craft). Hopefully I am welcome here. I Love Parkers... so much I almost bought one last summer, a 2320sl. However, we thought the extended hardtop and open back would suit our family's needs better... I look forward to seeing the projects and ideas you all have for making boating more enjoyable..

Here is my boat- 2005 May-craft 2550XL w/ 225 DTS Optimax:


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Hey Greg, Welcome Aboard!. I just came back from the Edison NJ Boat show. They had two Maycraft center consoles, and no pilothouse models. I was bummed because I wanted to see those alongside the Parkers, Steigers, and the Shammy.
Sal, The Atlantic City show was great. The May-craft and Steigers were along side of each other. There was also a nice Parker display but it was almost at the other end of the show. I dont remember the Shammies being at the AC show but I loved the 26 mariner when I saw it in Baltimore. My personal favorite pilothouse is the Judge 27 Chesapeake. I would have one if it wasnt for the 15k more that I would have had to spend over what I got.

Parker. The nickname for Maycraft amoungst the commercial guys in NC is "Poorman's Parker" They have jumped up in price quite a bit over the past couple of years though. The MC 2550 was within about grand of the 2320sl that I narrowed my choices down to with similar options. So the May-crafts are still a little less when you consider I was comparing a 23' model with a 25. The May-crafts certainly arent finished as nice as the Parkers though either. You get what you pay for... Thanks for the kind words about my boat!
Don't let him fool you... I've fished on Gregs boat and its a nice one. :D

Welcome aboard Greg!
Last year, when I was trying to decide what boat to get to replace my 2601 Striper, I flew to N.C. to tour the Maycraft factory. I didn't tour the Parker factory because I was familiar with their boats already.

I had one of the nicest experiences at the Maycraft factory. Ken May showed me all around his operation and bent my ear for about 2 hours. Very, very nice man that knows his stuff.

Maycraft is not sold here in California so I wanted to see one in person. The 25 and the 27 are extremely well built and laid out. I fell in love with the 27, what a nice boat. I asked Mr. May if he could make me one without the overhang and he said no.

On the west coast it's all about casting iron jigs, plastics and live bait so that would have limited casting room more than I could justify and I didn't want to get a boat and cut that piece off not knowing what it would do to the structural integrity of the boat. The modified vee that he uses has the ride of a deep vee in the open ocean from what I've gathered from one owner out here in CA.

I think the nicest fit and finish boat (besides Parker) was the Steiger Craft 25' pilothouse. Man was that a pretty boat. Unfortunately they only make a mod vee. Hopefully they will make a deep vee sometime in the future. I called them from the dealer I was at in Virginia and spoke to one of their V.P.'s and explained the west coast needs. They have a dealer in Washington state but no presence down south. They would give Parker a run for their money out here if they had a deep vee.
endorfins, Steiger makes a 26 Pilothouse with 22 degrees deadrise as opposed to the 14 degrees of the 25MV. Very nice boat but, around 100K.
Good to know endorfins. I havent had a chance to visit the factory. I hope to next year when I travel to SC on vacation. Any owner I have spoke to has had nothing but good things to say about the factory. I havent needed to contact them--which is a good thing I think.
Very nice boat. I was thnking of getting a Maycraft pilothouse but I really wanted a door. Best of luck with her.