Question About Gelcoat... outrigger holders done...

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Mar 22, 2006
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Franktown, Virginia 23354
Sorry I don't have pictures....

I've completed the addition of the Lee Jr. wishbone outrigger holders.... easy...

Next I think I should do some maintenance on the hull.... seems I've rubbed a bare spot through the gel coat on the hull where the forward bunk supports and rubs on the hull.

How urgent a situation is this.....? I'm sure there is plenty of material between me and the water....

Has this topic been covered? (too lazy to search right now..... just got back from drum fishing...... small one... about 35lbs...)

When I get back online with my camera I'll have plenty to post.

Richard, As I understand it, gelcoat is not impervious to water (it is porous), so having some missing is only cosmetic damage.

I don't believe it's something to worry about.
BTW - Are you getting sand on the bunks?
Not to are at someone has the answer along with the pics.

Well...I just last Sunday I did some gelcoat repair and captured some pics. Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'll go back down and sand off the excess, and buff to a shine. Will capture pics of that too. When I'm done, I'll upload "Gelcoat Repair" here in the projects forum. :D :D :D
Porkchunker I have some gelcoat repairs to make and would also be interested in seeing your pictures. It's a newer boat and I've never done any gelcoat work.
I went down to the boat and did some more gelcoat work. But...the camera batteries died. I still have some work to do and another chance to finish the pics.

Once I get the pics and arranged in a start-to-finish order, I'll start a thread here in the projects forum to show what I did. It is fairly easy...although the first time you hear the dremel tool buzzing the damaged area on your Parker, it feels like a stake was driven through your heart. :( :( :(