Question on Hour Meter Wiring?

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Ken Tidy

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Aug 16, 2006
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North East MD
I have a parker 23se with a 200 Yamaha OX66 saltwater series engine. After I bought the boat I had an hour meter installed at the dealer, about a year later it stopped working. The dealer would not replace it so I just let it go. Well it bugs the heck out of me that its not working so I started to look at it and what I found is it has three wires coming out of the back, Black, Green and yellow but the black wire is the only thing hooked into the wiring harness, its hooked to a black wire coming out of the back of the multi gauge. The wire coming from the hour meter to the multi meter has what looks like an additional male plug attached to it. Should this be connected to something? Shouldn’t the green wire that I’m assuming is a ground wire be connected to something? Dose anyone knows of a site that has wiring diagrams for Yamaha engine and gauges?

All I can tell you is based on my experience with a Teleflex gauge for a Merc. That only had two wires. One went to ground, the other to a 12V+ source that became hot when the key was put in the "on" posistion.

The black wire you see is most likely the ground...

If it's a Yamaha hour meter, I bet you could contact Yamaha for installation instructions. Those will tell you how to connect the wires.

Good luck. :)