Raw-water washdown pump died again--3rd time in 4 seasons!!!

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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
OK, I'm pi$$ed. The SureFlow pump has given out again. I'm tired of replacing the pump. I'm going to do one last check tomorrow to ensure that wasps haven't built a nest in the raw water pickup on the bottom of the hull.

I hear that Jabsco is no better.

I'm thinking of a Grocko, but at $250 for the pump and air chamber on a boat, I'm not sure if that is a wise investement. What am I to do?
These pumps should only be used for quick, short blasts.

Do you have an inline filter on yours?
FWIW check out the Johnson Marine pumps. My brother uses their P15 model which works as either a livewell pump or a washdown pump. In livewell use it simply provides water in open flow mode. Once you put it onto one of those coiled hose thingies, the pressure switch kicks in and provides the pressure. On his 23' Grady, he can spray from the stern all the way up to the bow with good pressure. If you want more pressure and longer pump life - add an accumulator tank.

The best part - his original one lasted 14 years!

They have recently been discontinued, but if you can find the P15 model - BUY IT! If not, try their 3.4 FlowJet model, which is also top rated by Powerboat Reports. In their tests, Johnson pumps are the ONLY brand that meets if not exceeds the labeled specs. I use their 2200gph bilge pump as a storm/emergency pump and its been bulletproof. Their pumps provide high output at lower amp draw than their competitors. And they last!