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Feb 23, 2006
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Isle of Palms, SC/Fairfax, VA
Has anyone removed the splashboard from the motorwell? I know Captain Wayne has on his 2520. I was thinking about taking it out for a) More room b) Easier fish fighting. Any other pros/cons? c) Those rod holders really only get in my way other than outbound/inbound rod storage.

Extra bonus: Guess the bridge!

Here is a post from my 2120 web page:

"Removed Splashguard (10/05)

I removed the splashguard last spring and I am glad it's gone. It was IN THE WAY and there seems like twice as much room back there now. It makes it really easy to reach down into the bilge hatch and work on the fuel filter, pump, raw water seacock, etc. I hated the guard. Let me repeat; I RARELY ever get enough water coming in through the notch to fill the well, let alone run onto the deck. I feel much better about being able to use the raw water wash to spray out the cockpit without having to wait for it to drain past the guard either.

I now have to permanently seal the holes in the boat floor where the guard was screwed down. I temporarily filled them with 5200, but I picked up some Parker gelcoat from Mid Atlantic (they're so nice, they just gave me a quart for nothing!... although I had just spent $145 on other stuff). I intend to dribble it down into the holes after I am sure of the best procedure.

I know the boat looks really dirty in the pictures, but it is easy to clean up and they were taken in the dead of winter."

Today, a full year later:

I am convinced the removal was a great idea. I have spent the entire ocean striper season in some fairly rough weather at times and never regretted it. Not having to work around the guard is a pleasure. Perhaps the reason I don't have problems with water entering is because my motor weight is so much lower? It seems as though I must work hard to get any water over the transom, i.e. backing down into heavy waves, lots of people in one corner of the stern, etc. Perhaps this is just my experience alone, because there are others that have posted replies contrary to this. YMMV.

By the way, I can't get the 5200 out easily in order to wet down the holes with West System, so I'm not going to worry about it! When I notice the sealant getting loose I will try again.