Slight Inferiority Complex

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Feb 23, 2006
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Cape St Claire, Maryland
Esteemed fellow Parker owners;
My Parker 2110 is much more boat then my first boat, that I affectionatly named Trailer Trash. But I'm having a inferiority complex :( with all the 23's, 25's and 28's out there. Does anybody have an 18 or a 21 so I can relate to someone :?:
Esteemed Gray-Cheeked eminence, I am satisfied with the 21 foot Parker. I can easily spot the 21's due to the perfectly proportioned lines and the efficient use of space... Who would want to trailer those large, heavy-bellied cruisers with the huge dance floor fishing pit, the twin Yamaha 250's, flying bridges and ... Wait, there's a point in this somewhere, but I just forgot what it was.

Anyway, I am quite content with my present ride as it is. That is, until I am able to slip my boat. Then, Gang Way! I will be beating a path to the dealer to spend as much as the wallet allows for the biggest, baddest, most uneconomical Parker made!

Seems like I will be happy with the 2120 for a good while. I am counting on descent resale value however!
Many a fisherman would give their first born to have your boat !

There was a 2110 for sale on THT that I tried to talk my brother into, he wouldn't drive to NC. We are sea trialing a 23 Cobia tomorrow for him.
Gray One...bigger aint' necessarily better. I'm starting to whine about getting towing permits for the 9'6" beam 2510, and begining to drool over a 23 DV CC. So...while you may have "two-foot-itis" and want to go up in size, there are some of us that want to go down in size.

I love the 25' when I'm at the CBBT with a howling N wind and 4' waves going 90 deg. to the current. But for the rest of the time, a 23 would be perfect.
The 21 is nothing to shake a stick at. My father is thinking of moving on from his 1970 Allmand 23' and is thinking the deep v 21 is about perfect. Easy to trailer, weather protection, sizable cockpit, and parker seaworthiness....

Now all he has to do is find out if my little sister, 14.5 years my younger, will transfer colleges and give up her full ride for a school that has her major. :roll:
Esteemed fellow Parker owners
I have a Parker 2110 cause I couldn't afford a 2320. I do have a bad case of the 2 foot syndrome. You know....I want a boat thats at least 2' longer. But until I hit the Lotto, I'll just have to be happy with my 2110 and old fashion 2-stroke. Funny how with a car you have to pay more for a conrertable and with a boat you have to pay more for a hard top :?