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Feb 24, 2006
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Solomons Island, MD
On the Yahoo site, someone asked about group 31 batteries fitting into Parker installed battery trays.

They don't, but are easy to replace.

Buy two group 31 battery boxes. Run them through the table saw and cut the top of the box off (leaving about 2/3" lip around the edge). Pull the old trays, lay them atop the new trays and mark the screw holes onto the new trays. Drill holes in the new trays, and mount them where the old trays came out. Now mount your group 31 batteries.

BTW, I got tired of replacing those thin wire connector rings that get attached to the batteries. Because of their proximity to the batteries, they corroded to almost nothing in a couple of years. So...I put those large single-post lugs on the transom behind each battery (a 3/8" positive post, and a 5/16" negative post). All of the wires from the harness get attached to those transom mounted posts, then I use 18" 6 ga. jumpers from the transom mounted posts to the battery posts. Now only one very heavy connector ring is attached to the battery. They corrode at a much slower pace, and last longer. Also makes it easier to replace the batteries in the spring--I only have to chase one neg and one pos cable for each battery instead of the 4-6 cables for each battery in the past.

When I break her out for spring fishing next week, I'll try to capture some pics and follow up this post with an update and pics.
Dave, Your battery attachment posts sound exactly like what Warthog5 did on the X-Shark. I'll see if I can find the photos he posted of that portion of the project. It was pretty slick.

That is the sort of thing I want to do to mine when I re-wire her... sometime soon. :)