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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
Show me some ways that you have come up with storage solutions on your Parker!
I'm always looking for more ways to keep things neat and stored away!
Porkchunker":1ulthej2 said:
I started a winter tarp thread before I read your post---else I would have added it here.

Not quite what I meant.
Im looking for more ways to make inside storage inside my pilot house and v birth,, for fishing gear, tackle, life jackets, ect.....
No pictures yet ... but I came up with ways to:

Fenders: Store the fenders up under each side's washboards ... out of the way and ready for use.

Ditch Bag: Fastens on the inside of the cabin door so when the door is open - it's out in the cockpit ... ready to go overboard with me. If the door is closed ... I'm probably in there too, so at least its still with me.

Rods/Reels: I mounted rigs to the side of the helm, starboard side, using DuBro track rod/reel holders.

Life Jackets:All type 1 Offshore jeckets (6) line the V-Berth for immediate use. A few Type 2s also line the berths, with 4 tied up against the V-Berth ceiling where the trunk cabin goes down to the bowdeck, by means of a bungy cord.

Gear: I make judicious use of the those net mesh bags, one for clothes, one for towells, and one for who knows what, misc. I did put a teak hook on the back of that bulkhead that frames my galley so I have a place to hang 2-3 coats.
I make use of a lot of various soft sided bags to group items together in the v-berth. Fishing items go into soft sided bags with Plano 5600 and 5700 trays. Safety items are in a ditch bag like Dales. Docklines and utility lines are carried in canvas bags. Sea Anchor kit... another bag... Life jackets... another bag. Foul weather clothing... :)

I'll take some photos within the next few weeks showing some of the new things I've come up with over the winter. :wink:
The boat is a “classic” 2320 I bought in 99. I did these storage mods 4 or 5 years ago. All have withstood the test of time and have proven very useful.

The 1st pic is 2 storage hatches I cut in the deck—straight forward and easy enough to do with a sawzall and roto zip, just have to have the guts to cut into the deck. I use the one in the pilothouse the store a valise liferaft and ditch bag, ect. The one in the cockpit is used to hold up to 2400’ of rode or during the comm striper season to hold “overflow” fish that won’t fit in the 2 150q coolers.

The second pic is a storage bin from Home Depot. It holds most of the tackle I need for bass and tuna. I had to replace it this year due to a bit of rust and one of the slide broke from about 10lbs of cod jigs. It costs $35 and about ½ hour of work.

The 3rd pic is my “convertible” chair. I use the beanbag when sitting up or the cushions in the v-berth when lying down—the most comfortable seat in the house…


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Tried to post some pics to no avail. I sent them to the webmaster in hope that they can post for me.
this rack has a 12v tv for the kids, it is just not in the unit here.


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just my 50 dollar bathroom mat from target. helps with sound and slipping


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fourports":315eem59 said:
this rack has a 12v tv for the kids, it is just not in the unit here.

The pics a little rough, that would be a good idea for my kids, we have one of those small dvd players. Did you make or buy the rack.
The wall unit I made. I took some left over mahogany decking, took it to the local boat builder who planed it down to 3/8 of an inch for me. There is no back to it. The storage compartment with the white elastic strings works great to put dvd's in and out easily. the top and bottom compartments are for storage. I tossed some large round pillows in the cabin and the kids love having a place to hang out when they get tired.
By the way the tv is an Audiovox lcd 15" but I would look to something else. This tv is now 2 years old so technology has changed a bit. Unlesss you are looking pretty straight on the picture ffades so if you set up a 12v make sure the picture can be viewed from the sides. Best of luck
Sorry for all the posts but I think I am finally getting this attachment thhing on my Mac. Here is the wall unit with tv.


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