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Feb 1, 2007
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Upper Chesapeake
I'm interested in learning about anyone's experiences with T-Tops on their 21SEs especially those that were not installed by the factory.
For instance, which brand or brands are preferred? How well do they hold up in general? That is, has anyone had them come up from the deck once installed? How about the added weight; notice any difference in performance?
I have been toying with the idea of adding one to my boat and would like to learn more. Preliminarily I'm thinking, aluminum with a hard top, radio box and rocket launchers. Any pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hey Timbo, I have put several T-Tops on 21 SE's and it makes the boat so much more adaptable to all kinds of fishing that the boat can fish anywhere for anything. They don't add much weight, even with a hard top, it's more wind resistance than anything. As far as a brand we make our own, I would recommend finding someone that makes tops look at his work on other boats and order it how you want it. Its not hard to find a t-top maker that won't talk about his work after all their are not welders they are artist. I included some shots of our last hard top on a new Stamas 290 Tarpon. Good luck Brad


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Unless something has changed, there is no "Factory T-Top". Parker subs out all their T-Tops. I have had 3 Parkers and added T-Tops to all three (18', 23SE, and 23DV). There is a pic of 18' (same as your 21SE) under "Web Issues and Ideas" (test by FishFactory), and a corner of another under "Fishing" (Some Parkerized Fish).

I like stainless steel tops, less maintaince, smaller tubing doesn't overwhelm small boats, matches bow rails, and "Bling Factor" :) ! Custom Marine Fabrication in NewBern NC makes them for me. You can get a fiberglass top with molded in fiberglass radio box. The fiberglass will match your Parker. Custom Marine also makes tops for NC Wildlife Patrol.

Any top will take off 2-4 mph off top end. Other than that, no other detrimental qualities. The T-Top will "hold-up" as well as the builder has designed and installed it. Parkers have thick, solid decks. You should have no problem with a quality top "pulling loose from deck". I would avoid the current trend of mounting the T-Top to the console only. IMO, that's only asking for trouble.
While I do not have a center console, I did have a "half tower" installed on my 2110 DV WAC. Please make sure whomever installs a tower is a highly skilled welder and provides plenty of bracing for the top.

I chose to have a cloth top installed rather than fiberglass in order to keep the center of gravity as low as possible. Adding weight to the top of any boat will increase its roll in seas.


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My fire department operates a pair of Parker 21SE's and both have identical t-tops that were fabricated locally.
There isn't a lot I can tell you about them, so I'll let the photos tell the story.
It was raining when these shots were taken, so please excuse the rain drops on the lense. :(




Hope this helps.