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Mar 5, 2006
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Fall River, MA
Has anyone mounted a shoot thru or thru-hull ducer forward of the oil tanks. I would prefer to mount it in that location but I do not want any air interference when motoring at cruise. I know there is a good location starboard of the bilge pump but I want to be forward more.
I mounted an airmar shootthru for my Garmin 2010C/GSD20 sounder and it works perfectly. The airmar is adjustable to account for the deadrise of the hull: ... 10327%2D00

I mounted mine next to the bilge pump and have no problem with interference due to turbulence. I get solid readings at all speeds with the only exception being when I reverse but there's not much you can do about that.
jpg, you hit the nail on the head. I spend 75% of my time striper fishing in reverse. I am looking to eliminate the disturbence. My transom mount only becomes distorted sometime but unfortunately is wired to a pos Raymarine L750
I just recently installed the Airmar P79 shoot-thru on my 2320SL. I have it on the starboard side in the bilge. Holds bottom at WOT no problem. I didn’t notice what my display looked like when I reversed out of my slip though.

inTherapy":3frxzswq said:
I spend 75% of my time striper fishing in reverse. I am looking to eliminate the disturbence.

The bad news is that no transducer, not even a premium quality, perfectly aligned through-hull will perform 100% when you have the motor in reverse.

The reason is because the reverse propwash forces bubbles under the hull which interferes with the operation of your transducer. Those bubbles, in turn, blinds your sounder.

Your transducer, and your sounder, needs 'clean' water to be able to 'see' what is below. :wink: