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Feb 27, 2006
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Brooklyn, NY USA
Hey guys. I was just wondering, what do you guys use the rear transom fish box for? Do you fill it with ice and store fish in there? Fill it with water instead? Use it for storage? Livewell or baitwell? Right now I’m just using it to hold my fenders, but I’d like to be able to store my fish in there instead of in a cooler. Does it hold ice well? It doesn’t seem to be insulated well so I think the ice will melt fast in the summer. Maybe I can add a circulation pump and turn it into a live well (without a high speed pick-up)? Thanks for any info. Dom
I use mine as a cooler for beer, soda and food when fishing and storage when I am not using the boat. I purchased a kill bag for the fish. The kill bag has better insulation and keeps the fish colder.
I have a 2510 with the shallow transom fish box. I use it for a cooler in spring and fall. It will not hold ice very good in the heat. I put a drain plug in it too.

It is a multipurpose compartment...... right now I'm conducting a clam rotting test..... when I go fishing tomorrow and/or Thursday I will see how stinky those clams are from last week...... it seems I'm always rotting somethin in there....

I keep everything in there from soda and water to bait.......

In the summer on offshore trips I start off the day with bags of ice in the cooler and block ice in the transom box...... then hopefully add tuna or wahoo..... and then spread the bag ice on top...... seems to keep well from me. It is not as well insulated as a cooler but does a decent job.

I've got a livewell so I've never considered that....... should work fine with the right plumbing and walling off only the portion to use.

96TL":3sdcnd1c said:
Par, does the ice last in there or does it melt fast?

Ice does very well. When I go on long trips we pile up the bags in the holds and they last just fine.