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Feb 16, 2006
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Newbury, MA

Seems like some $100 or less bottom paints, ablative, hard epoxy, and even water-based and non-cuprous paints, tested from Good to Excellent in an 18-month test conducted by Powerboat Reports in both CT and FL waters.

See below. Oh yeah, they anticipate bottom paints to rise in price 15% this Spring ... so you might want to go buy some NOW!


Top honors go to two paints that earned a combination of Excellent and Good ratings in our two locations. Micron Optima scored an Excellent in Florida and a Good in Connecticut, while Sea Hawk’s new paint, Biocop TF, racked up an Excellent in Connecticut and a Good in Florida.

We have two Best Buy winners in the ablative category: Sea Bowld Ablative 56 (a multi-season paint sold at Boater’s World for $90) scored Goods in both Connecticut and Florida, and Pettit Premium SSA, which earned a Fair in Florida, but an Excellent in Connecticut. We found Premium, which is also a multi-season coating, for $70 at www.boatersland.com.

For a single-season hard paint, MarPro SuperKote Hard ($80 through > Donovan Marine) garners the Best Buy award. The other recommended paints (see chart) either scored a combination of Fair and Excellent or Good ratings in both locations.

For a water-based paint, Flexdel’s Aquagard and Pettit Hydrocoat are good choices. Both performed well and can be had for about $100 per gallon. Blue Water’s Kolor and Sea Hawk Monterey did well, too, but are more expensive.

If you’re looking for a paint in a bright color, go with either Blue Water’s Kolor for a multiple season ablative, or Pettit Vivid for a multi-season hard paint.

For a copper-free coating, consider Sea Hawk’s new Mission B ay CSF, which was the only environmentally friendly coating to capture an Excellent rating, which came in Connecticut.

Blue Water (MarPro) Paints, 800/628-8422

E Paint Co., 800/258-5998

Flexdel Corp., 888/353-9335

Interlux Yacht Finishes, 800/468-7589

Pettit, 800/221-4466

New Nautical Coatings, 800/528-0997

West Marine, 800/BOATING

Boater’s World, 800/826-BOAT