What's in your ditch bag?

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Feb 25, 2006
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Rowayton, CT
Most of my boating is coastal in nature, around my area of Western LI Sound and up to Cape Cod and Nantucket. But I will run off shore 30-40 miles for shark or tuna.

I just purchased an Aguafix PLB I/O with internal GPS, as the most important item in my ditch bag, but I'm curious what you other Parker owners have in your ditch bags.
Two fireflys
Hand held VHF
Water pouches
First aid kit
Hand held GPS
Night brite sticks
Poly rope
Small plasticized chart

Actually I keep my registration and eloctronics user manuals there as well.

I need to check. I think there is also a mirror and air horn as well. Anyone got any other suggestions (Besides EPRIB)?

Just got the new ACR Rapid Ditch Express.... it's empty sitting next to me....

All I have to do now is to unload the other bag and put the EPIRB and I'm ready to go.

I prefer to call mine an "Emergency Equipment Bag"... :wink:

25 mm aerial rockets
12 gage aerial rockets
Hand held flares (multiple types and sizes)
Orange smokes
Dye marker
Chemical light sticks
Strobe lights
Signal mirror
Sharp knife
First Aid kit
Assorted wooden plugs
Uniden Voyager handheld VHF
Extra long nylon zip-ties
Aluminum utility carabiners
Parachute cord
Signaling whistle
Signaling air horn
International distress flag
Garmin GPSmap 76cs handheld
ACR Aquafix 406 MHz GPS I/O Personal EPIRB
Boat registration, tow insurance card, fishing license, CG inspection form