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Mar 10, 2006
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Gibson Island, MD
Mine is the second station mid way back on the starboard side. Very manuverable while going slow. And I'm tall enough to see over the roof. Adding a knob to the 2nd station's wheel was a real help too.
On my boat it is the extended hardtop. I am able to have a lot of sun protection for the family and when enclosed w/ curtains provides for a lot of room out of the weather in the early spring and late fall.
My favorite feature is the sport cabin roof's ability to wake me up when I am groggy early in the morning by whaling me in the head. :roll: :roll: :roll:
Sal, I could show you scars on top of my bald head that lasted for years. But getting back on topic #1 The protection of the pilothouse that keeps me warm and dry on bad days. #2 The dance floor sized cockpit is a real plus. I could list many other things I love about the Parker, but those two stand out the most as well as the overall quality of the construction.
Carolina Flare :)


-- Tom
Tom's Parker is a 21 deep-V CC ... awesome machine too! Standing inside her, she has the lines and feel of the 25' models, just proportioned to the 21' length and towable 8'6" beam.
Its difficult to pick just one thing, but I have to agree with Stonebuster...
100 square feet of cockpit space is what gets most people attention the
first time they fish on her.


Yes, I too love the "dance floor" of the cockpit, but I also LOVE the mix of downeast and carolina lines ... now that's flare with flair!

Heck, them Carolina boys just took the best from Maine and copied it anyway ;) !

.. and yes, I did fix those antennas so they now point straight up ;) , turns out Shakespeare sells rubber shims to adjust to sloping decks/roofs.


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37 degrees, windchill in the lower 20's, wind 17 kts. from the n/w & gusts up to 35 kts. White caps on the river, but still put the boat in the water today !! Thats the best feature of a Parker ! Long boating season ....